Infirmed by Gravity Feed 1996

17 Sep 1996 : Sidetrack Theatre, Addison Road Centre, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia


Infirmed? Frankly, we were confused, irresolute, incontinent. Our task was to bring the outside inside. Shovels? How to punctuate a space with beginnings to which we have already been committed? Follow impulse: talk, argue, disagree, don’t turn up, DO turn up (from Paris), generally confound “the process” and let it all happen. Submit ourselves to an overwhelming sense of futility - easier done than performed. “Show” memory? More like a doomed show!

CPW again. A cloud looms overhead. We have our descending orders.

For infirmed we attempted to be invisible. Holes were drilled through the building and the lighting came through these pinholes. The performers emerged from trapdoors in various locations and filled the air with dust from their pockets.

Project Details
Dates 17 Sep 1996 to 18 Sep 1996
Duration 20 minutes
Collaborators Denis Beaubois, Ari Ehrilch, William McClure, Rik Rue, Alan Schacher, Jeff Stein
Producer CPW7 Sidetrack Theatre
Category ensemble