500 Breaths 2018

23 Nov 2018 : Saint Paul's Hill, Melaka, Malaysia

I hold a ream (500 sheets) of black A4 paper in both hands. Standing outside the venue I bend to suck one sheet at a time up to my mouth, breathing in darkness. I hold it against my face with my inbreath. Finally exhaling I let the sheet fall to my feet as I take a new inbreath. I slowly advance into the roofless Church, leaving a trail of black sheets on the floor, as the other performances continue around me. The performance concept was inspired by a film by Richard Serra, a workshop with Boris Nieslony, and performances by Mike Parr.

Project Details
Dates 23 Nov 2018
Duration 1 hour
Producer 10th Melaka Arts and Performance Festival
Category solo
Credits photos by Steve Chong, Goh Lee Kwang, WeiZen Ho, Mic Guillaume