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Evaporative Body, Multiplying Body

23 June 2022 19:00

For the 2022 Keir Choreographic Award Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho are performing a new work Evaporative Body, Multiplying Body in an exploration of tremulous bodily states, liminal thresholds and shimmering auras which asks : What will happen if the things we are pretending to do actually manifest? They are collaborating with video artist/lighting designer Fausto Brusamolino and noise/sound artist Hirofumi Unchino. To be performed 23-25 June at Dancehouse, Melbourne and 30 June - 2 July at Carriageworks, Sydney.

Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho

Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho

Memory Walks

14 February 2022 10:00

Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho have been awarded a 2022 Research Residency by Critical Path, a Choreographic Research Centre based in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. Together with researcher Dr Phillip Mar they have initiated a community engagement and artistic project that is very much grounded in the Blue Mountains, where they live. As part their research project titled What Persists, they are inviting local residents to share a favourite walking route in nature or town.  It could be around a few local streets, a bushwalk, or perhaps a walk further away where they grew up or used to live. Somewhere that has meaning for them and has significance in their lives.   Talking with people about the significance of their walk will be the beginning of investigations into place and public space, and how place can be engendered through community. Further discussions and working groups will focus on ways of devising a social choreography based on symbols that persist in the individual’s memory. Memory Walks will explore walking in the different ways that it activates body memories. In parallel they are working in an exchange process with collaborators in Indonesia : Artist Mella Jaarsma and curator and researcher Mira Asriningtyas.

WeiZen Ho: A Social Walking Ritual for Nan Leong, Bangkok 2018

WeiZen Ho: A Social Walking Ritual for Nan Leong, Bangkok 2018

For more details or to volunteer for a walk please contact us and we will call you to discuss further:

Alan Schacher [email protected]

WeiZen Ho [email protected]

Further information on What Persists :

Performance Decade Show per.doc

05 February 2022 14:00

Decade Show | per.doc Opening Event Date: Saturday Feb 5th 2-5pm Performances 3pm : Alan Schacher, Kit Bylett, Katya Petetskaya

Exhibition from Feb 4th until Feb 20th Open 11am - 5pm | Fri-Sun

Venue: Articulate Project Space 497 Parramatta Rd, Leichhardt. Sydney

I am exhibiting an installation titled Disrupted Histories and will present a performance at the opening of Articulate’s fourth Decade Show, which features some of the performances and associated projects artists have undertaken at APS over the past 10 years.

Diasporic Body, Articulate Project Space 2015 (photo: Heidrun Löhr)

Diasporic Body, Articulate Project Space 2015 (photo: Heidrun Löhr)

Exhibiting artists include:
Alison Clouston and Boyd, Elizabeth Hogan and Leisa Sage, Emma Wise, John Gillies, Katya Petayeska, Kit Bylett, Linda Luke, Molly Wagner, Rakini Devi, Renay Pepita, Sydney Art Exchange (Corinne Brittain, Eleanor Er, Kerry MacAulay, Anya Pesce, Elke Wohlfahrt), Tom Isaacs