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Archiving Project:Our Unspoken

01 January 2021 00:00

In 2019 Critical Path invited me to join the 2nd year of the Dancing Sydney Archiving Project. I called for “unspoken” contributions and am still assembling them into an audio/video work for online presentation. This research project seeks to address ephemerality – its potentials and its problems – by finding, creating and reinvigorating old and new, public and private dance archives: not only the kind that exist in ephemera, text and objects, but also those that are produced and maintained within/through the body dancing. I attempted to find a common thread in the unspoken spaces that connect and differentiate us.

A silent rendering.

A silent rendering.

Supported by Critical Path, Sydney. Collaborating sound artist: Ash Baker.

Recalling the Picnics of Old

31 December 2020 00:00

This video project celebrates the picnic heydays of Blue Mountains tourism. The scenes are staged inside some of the historical faux rock shelters of Katoomba and Leura, built around 1935 by Tom Adam.

A staged scene at Katoomba Falls.

A staged scene at Katoomba Falls.

Initiated by Alan Schacher with video by Sam James. Performers: WeiZen Ho, Phillip Mills, Katia Molino, Phillip Mar, Nathan Robinson, Alan Schacher. This project is supported by the Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust.

all of a flutter

01 December 2020 00:00

In this performance I perform with reams of white A4 paper in a set where everything is lost and nothing is retrievable. A 360VR video work made for and with Theatre Kantanka for the New Realities series. Invited to make a work during the Covid lockdown I thought of a vertical tunnel of swirling paper. A new series will be posted online soon ! Best viewed with occulus headset.

Alan Schacher preparing the set.

Alan Schacher preparing the set.

Produced by Theatre Kantanka ; Director : Carlos Gomes ; Video artist : Sam James ; Sound : Gail Priest Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts and Blacktown Arts Centre