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Dream Village 2024 thumbnail.3
Land of Milk and Honey 2023 thumbnail
YDKM Maitland 2023 thumbnail
News to the Walls 2023 thumbnail
Extraction Action 2023 thumbnail
PP4 Haymarket 2022 thumbnail ImageOptim Thumbnail 2
Punk Studio 2022 thumbnail
Sweet Separation Newcastle 2022 thumbnail
Bleeding Walls 2022 thumbnail
Memory Walks 2022 thumbnail
KCA EVMB 2022 thumbnail
Black ST REAMER 2022 thumb thumbnail
Image Lab 2022 thumb thumbnail
Alan Schacher photo Karlina Mitchell.thumb
Disrupted Histories 2022 thumb
Our unspoken 2021 thumnail
Performature Performateur 3 2021 thumbnail
ROMP thumb
SkleterShelter thumb
AS allofafluuter thumb
A Kind of Divination 2019 thumbnail
Black Reamer 2019 thumbnail
Delta SVWAP19 thumb
Bar of soap thumb
Perfomature Performateur 2019 thumbnail
Speaking With Your Mouth Full 2019 thumbnail
Impro Exchange 2019 thumbnail
News thumb.1
500 breaths thumb
 DSF1780 copy thumb
Sweet Separation Siteworks thumb2
Delta 2 thumb
Dividing:Line thumbnail
Evaporative Body Multiplying Body thumb
Web thumnail
Shroud thumnail
Orient Al ism 2017 thumbnail
Colur bleed thumb
Share My Coffin thumbnail
Colour Bleed (Bottle) 2017 thumbnail
An Uneasy Piece thumbnail
Found sound thumnail
Behemoth Wearable Art thumbnail
Sweet Separation 2017 thumbnail
SoundOut thumb
Suspect installation thumbnail
Suspect DB thumb
Cultural Mobility thumbnail
SBB at BigCi
Shoes offering
Diasporicfingersin mouth
SoundBites#22 thumbnail.1
Shoesandspices 2015 thumbnail
Wombat n bunnies copy
Rolling on books thumnail
Movers makers 2015 thumbnail
 Behemoth thunmb
Unappeased Duet  MapFest 2014 thumbnail.1
Unappeased 2014 thumbnail
Song of Lamentation thumbnail
Reamin' thumnail
Outpost Clandulla 2014 thumbnail
Cowra thumnail
UpWscreaming into Abody
Hungry Ghost Dybbuk thumbnail
Two men scenarios thumbnail
Platform 3 2011 thumbnail
Pole and piers thumb
CLP.2 thumb
The Stirring thumnail
CP lightways.1 thumb
Caravanserai thumb.1
Power On thumb
Box shadows
The Babel Project thumbnail.1
Neb's Howl thumb
Diasporic Body1 thumb
Tumeric square 2005 thumbnail
Zonal Interspersions thumb
MB thumb SB
SBWW 2002 thumbnail
SCHAM 2000 thumbnail
Tabernacle by Gravity Feed thumb
HOST Performance 1999
The Gravity of the Situation by Gravity Feed thumb
Kunst Werk 1998 thumbnail
Bridge thumnail
Trace Elements Residual Effects thumb
Stool Pigeons by Gravity Feed thumb
Feelin soupy thumbnail
Trackwork 1997 thumbnail
OMEN AMEN by Gravity Feed thumb
In the House of Skin by Gravity Feed thumb
D VOID 2 thumb
Zonal Intersepersions Next Steps thumb
Uneasy Piece 1995 thumbnail
Fadeout thumnail
Inhabitation 1994 thumbnail
Line of fire 1994 thumbnail
Counting ps 1994 thumbnail
Evaporation unit thumbnail
Mirage Snow 1993 thumbnail
Spin 1993 thumbnail
Mirage Ice 1993 thumbnail
Imminence 1993 thumbnail
Cloud chamber 1993 thumbnail
Mirage Sand thumb
99F 99B thumbnail
I Saw You 1992 Ari thumb
Corridor thumnail