Bridge of Hesitation 1997

27 Sep 1997 : screen based work

In Bridge of Hesitation the protagonist is place and the characters are memories recalled by the sites themselves; a trio of ghost-men who journey through the transient zones of metropolitan Sydney. In the shifting perspective of place cognisant of its own disintegration the men are but glitches in the spaces between uncertain events. In Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel An Artist of the Floating World there is reference to “the Bridge of Hesitation” - where conscience troubled men were to be seen hovering. This was the point of departure for this project, not in terms of the reason or motivation which caused the men to pause : but fascination in the power of the suspended moment. Screenings : Premiere screening at Goethe Institut Sydney with live link to ZKM Karlsruhe. Winner Video Danza Buenos Aires. Dance Lumiere: Dancehouse , Melbourne, Australia, 1997. Sydney Fringe Film & Video Competition, Bondi Pavilion , Sydney, Australia,1998 Edge of the World Film Festival, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, 1998 Transmediale 98, 11th VideoFest Berlin, Germany, 1998 & touring 1999 New Moves (New Territories) Video Program, Glasgow, Scotland,1998 Il Choregrapho Elettronico, Festival Internzionale di Videodanza, Naples, Italy, 1998 Festival da Imagem em Movimento, Bahia, Brazil, 1998 12th Videobrasil Electronic Art International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil ,1998 Antalya Golden Orange International Film Festival , Antalya, Turkey,1998 Dance 98 International Dance Festival, Munich, Germany, 1998 Pandaemonium: London Festival of Moving Images, Lux Cinema, London, England, 1998 Dance On Camera Festival, Walter Reade Theater, New York City, USA VideoLisboa, Lisbon, Portugal ,1999).

Project Details
Dates 27 Sep 1997
Duration 5 minutes
Collaborators Peter Oldham, Rik Rue, Michelle Mahrer, Ari Ehrlich, Tim Ruston
Producer Alan Schacher
Category video
Credits Alan Schacher - concept, choreography, artistic direction; Performers : Ari Ehrlich/ Tim Rushton / Alan Schacher ; Peter Oldham - camera operator/ director of photography/ editor ; Michelle Mahrer - final edit ; Rik Rue - location recordings & sound design ; Julian Knowles - audio post-production. Supported by the Australian Film Commission & Goethe Institut Sydney.