Evaporative Body Multiplying Body 2018

04 Jun 2018 : Studio One, Creative Practice Lab, UNSW, Sydney

For this research residency we were interested to research ways in which the body can evaporate and multiply, change its very substance, transmute, relocate. Concepts like possession, ghosting, vibrational energy, reality and projection will be examined physically and by means of augmentation in light, projection and media. Mediums employed will include screen or other surfaces, reflections and fog or haze. The work refers to transitional boundaries between life and death. Between spirit and sci-fi, scepticism, faith and superstition. We worked with a combination of reflective and mirroring materials and complementary video devices, monitors and screen types. The project is the first step towards a larger scale production.

Project Details
Dates 04 Jun 2018 to 09 Jun 2018
Duration 6 days
Collaborators WeiZen Ho, Alan Schacher, Mike Leggett (video & media), Fausto Brusamolino (effects & lighting)
Producer Critical Path Choreographic Research Centre
Category research
Credits Supported by Critical Path and School of English, Media and Performing Arts, University of NSW. Documentation by all artists, Video editing by Mike Leggett.