De Quincey Co Image Lab 2022

04 Mar 2022 : Rex Cramphorn Studio, University of Sydney

This 3-day masterclass and research lab led by Tess de Quincey investigated how the body can be danced by images. Building on previous laboratories 2012-2017 Tess shared new aspects from the legacy of images that were an integral part of BodyWeather training and performances within Mai-Juku, Min Tanka’s performance group. Images were a key choreographic method for the company. Through the construction of precise and varied environments, infinite layers of relationship were explored through the body and the imagination, enabling physics to meet poetry. With an introduction to the strategies of the practice and its rich range of specific images, the workshop encouraged the development of individual images by participants. On third day the public were invited to a symposium and showing.

Project Details
Dates 04 Mar 2022 to 06 Mar 2022
Duration 3 days
Collaborators Participant artists: Elly Brickhill, Imogen Cranna, Joshua Freedman, Brian Fuata, Nicolah Heywood, Weizen Ho, Kristina Mah, Lynne Santos, Alan Schacher, Eliza Scott, Frank van de Ven, Anna White.
Producer De Quincey Co
Category research
Credits Led by Tess de Quincey; Photos by Vsevolod Vlaskine