A Swarm of Ghosts 2016

01 Sep 2016 : Critical Path, The Drill Hall, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia

In this work I invoke and invite the spirits of place to invade, occupy and penetrate my body. Shuddering, exhaling, gasping, gulping, they come from all directions. I perform with open windows to let in the spirits, and indeed appear from a window at first. The guttural textures of Bob Ostertag’s soundtrack ‘Ink’ from the Album Verbatim provide eerily appropriate accompaniment. A short (10 minute ) offering for the inaugural Mortality Performance Night of the Festival of Death and Dying. This was a performance variation of the 2013 Performance at Melaka Festival, however, performed here at Critical Path’s The Drill Hall venue, it was in the place of its original conception. I first rehearsed this piece during an Impro-Exchange workshop there in 2013.

Project Details
Dates 01 Sep 2016
Duration 10 minutes
Producer Sydney Festival of Death and Dying/ Peter Banki
Category solo
Credits Curator: Victoria Spence Photos: David Brazil Video: Mike Leggett