Palimpsest #1 2015

17 Jan 2015 : Woodford Academy, Woodford, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Alan and WeiZen Ho were invited by curator Sarah Breen-Lovett to develop a response to the historic site and buildings of the Woodford Academy in The Blue Mountains, NSW. We devised a one-hour performance that led the audience through six scenes across this iconic venue with a varied and significant past. We worked both inside the building and for its exterior, evoking scenes, ghosts and memories from our imaginings of its past. The Woodford Academy, a National Trust Property, is the oldest complex of colonial buildings in the Blue Mountains and is of State Heritage significance. Palimpsest #1 was the first of a series of four events curated for the project.

Palimpsest Flyer 01

Project Details
Dates 17 Jan 2015
Duration 1 hour
Collaborators WeiZen Ho
Producer Woodford Academy
Category duets
Credits Curator: Sarah Breen-Lovett ; Photos & video : David Brazil ; Sound: WeiZen Ho ; Project supported by The Blue Mountains City of the Arts Trust