Feelin Soupy 1997

28 May 1997 : The Performance Space, Sydney NSW, Australia

Eat At Al’s , Feelin’ Soupy? was a Jewish soup kitchen staged in a group event.

For the Performance Space Gallery’s Eventspace Series Jeff Stein (one of Gravity Feed’s members) curated a Jewish art and performance night titled Neshamah , a Hebrew word meaning soul or spirit. All the participating artists were Jewish identifying.

Because chicken soup is the heart of a Jewish kitchen I set up a chicken soup stall. I sold bowls of soup. I called the performance Feelin’ Soupy? which was also the question as to whether someone felt like chicken soup and by implication whether they were feeling Jewish. The stall was titled Eat at Al’s after the many burger and cafe shops sighted on American sitcoms and movies.

real chicken soup $1 (no stock cubes, no MSG) hard boiled egg .50 cents Israeli dill cucumber $1

I also set up an installation in the street level window front downstairs comprising large pickle jars containing boiled chicken feet in coloured water.

Project Details
Dates 28 May 1997
Duration 2 hours
Collaborators Participating artists: Ari Ehrlich, Deborah Leiser-Moore, Sue Saxon, Jeff Stein, and others
Producer Eventspace Neshamah, The Performance Space Gallery
Category solo
Credits Curator: Jeff Stein ; Photos: Heidrun Löhr, Alan Schacher