Caravanserai 2010

11 Jan 2010 : Track 12, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia

In this project we set up a prototype magic lantern as a filmic environment which is experienced differently from within and without. The structure is a suspended cylinder, 6 meters in diameter by 4 metres high. It alludes to both the ceremonial and memorial function, showing images of people and places projected from outside. The lantern slowly revolves and has 2 doorways cut into its fabric screen. The motion suggests the spiritual ecstasy of the Turkish Sema (the Whirling Dervish dance). named after the Caravanserai rest stations along the ancient Silk Road trade routes, the intention is to create parameters for use of multimedia for an experience that can engender a sense of voyage, departure, disorientation, uncertainty, excitement and that travel and migration entail. We wish the viewer to feel an unavoidable involvement in the changing world and the diasporic phenomenon. To gain new awareness of the irrevocably changing nature of homeland, place and nation, occupation and possession.

Project Details
Dates 11 Jan 2010 to 16 Jan 2010
Duration 1 week
Collaborators Sean Bacon (video artist), Brad Miller (media artist) ; Interviewees: Teik-Kim Pok, Kewal Rai, Ahilan Ratnamohan, “Sri” Bhagavadas Sriskanthadas, Nasha Al-Rubale
Producer G.R.I., Gravity Research Institute
Category research
Credits Residency Supported by Carriageworks ; Project funded by Australia Council for the Arts ; Projected images by Daniel Denise (France) & Tom Shyuster (Belgium/USA) ; Documentation : Sean Bacon