Mirage Ice 1993

29 Sep 1993 : Sidetrack Theatre

The human body comprises at least 80% water. These blocks of ice, 100% water, closely approximate the body weight of each performer, (+/- 60kg). The water is in a performative role by virtue of its solidity. In the immobilised, suspended state of ice , the water may be physically manipulated and interacted with, in space. Its doubling (as a reflected image) in the mirror is likewise a product of these circumstances. The security of this solid form is threatened by flame and by time. Conversely, heat has the power to liberate and animate the water in the ice. Paradoxically, the ice, and hence its reflected image, if “given life”, would have the tendency to dispersal and disappearance….. the negative aspect of the performative. A performance as part of an evening of works for Sidetrack’s CPW4.

Project Details
Dates 29 Sep 1993
Duration 20 minutes
Collaborators Co-performer: Ari Ehrlich
Producer Contemporary Performance Week 4
Category duets
Credits Curator: Don Mamouney; photos: Heidrun Löhr ; Sound Effects: Rodney Berry