The Stirring by De Quincey Co. 2010

08 Nov 2010 : Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia

I was a performer in this project. A spatial inhabiting and reimagining of the old railway workshops site that is now an Arts Centre. From the program: “Places enter and inhabit people and determine their language and being. Aspects of that place continue on in that person. And who then is the host? Where does the place exist? And within this physical and conceptual interpermeation what is location and dislocation? People move. They gather, they create connections and they pass on; they inhabit, form and are formed by places; the essence and spirit of the place meets the aspirations and vision of the species that dwell in it. In this constant cooking, in the daily ebb and flow, the gentle swell, bustle and turmoil of everyday life, the cultures that define our relationships shoot the sparks of our imagination out into an ever expanding world. These perspectives are brought into focus by our body and by the physical buildings we create, touching down into immediacy. How do we acknowledge and absorb, how do we morph and entwine, as our different cultural backgrounds are infused by our differences and by the bedrock of change? How do we generate a flow which resounds as it streams backwards and forwards through time?”

Project Details
Dates 08 Nov 2010 to 17 Nov 2010
Duration 1 hour
Producer De Quincey Co.
Category ensemble
Credits Concept & Direction: Tess de Quincey; Choreography & Performance: Henrietta Baird, Tess de Quincey, Peter Fraser, Oguri, Alan Schacher; Sound: Natasha Anderson; Photos: Mayu Kanamori