You Don't Know Me From a Bar of Soap 2019

30 Nov 2019 : Blacktown Arts Centre, 78 Flushcombe Rd, Blacktown, Sydney.

A sculptural work entered in the Blacktown Art Prize. Mixed media, 193 bars of imprinted and carved white soap. Each bar contained one letter. Some were stained with black shoe polish. The soap brings to the fore questions of cleanliness. The expression “you don’t know me from a bar of soap” means that I am as inconsequential to you as a worthless piece of soap. We can often really feel this way. So it is the unspoken reply to the often asked question “where are you really from?” This statement contains a concealed attack on identity, questioning racial origins, ancestral lineages, and political and national notions of rights and belonging.

Project Details
Dates 30 Nov 2019 to 25 Jan 2020
Duration 3 weeks
Producer Blacktown Arts Prize
Category installations
Credits Photos: Alan Schacher