News to the Walls of History 2018

24 Nov 2018 : St Paul's Hill, Melaka, Malaysia

Full title: Bringing the news update to the walls of history. From a sitting position I read collected local newspapers of the past few months to the historical walls of St. Paul’s Church. These ruins, a prime tourist sight, have witnessed many changes of power and contain the graves and tombstones of Portuguese and Dutch colonisers. I circumnavigated the walls, reading aloud a news headline and the date, then crumpling the news print into a ball which I threw at the walls. I then lifted the chair and move some metres on. The installation of paper balls gradually accumulated was soon asked to be removed by local authorities as they littered the site, despite being part of the art festival.

Project Details
Dates 24 Nov 2018
Duration 90 minutes
Producer 10th Melaka Art and Performance Festival
Category solo
Credits photos & video: WeiZen Ho