Shoe Sadhu 2016

25 Jan 2016 : Kolkatta International Performance Art Festival, KIPAF16, Kolkata, India

The Festival, held 23rd to 26th January, 2016 was astonishingly one of two simultaneous eponymous Performance Art Festivals (of the same name, in the same city) on the same dates ! For this performance at College Square I performed a circumambulation of the site, which is a pathway surrounding a large old in-ground swimming pool. In the book district, the public walk around in a relaxed fashion. As a kind of sadhu, in this case a fake mystic, I offered a pair of smoking shoes to passers-by. Some played along and took the incense smoke as a blessing. From the shoesandspices series.

Project Details
Dates 25 Jan 2016 to 26 Jan 2016
Duration 1 hour
Producer KIPAF/ Syed Taufik Riaz
Category solo
Credits Photos: KIPAF