Colour Bleed, bottle version 2017

01 Aug 2017 : A public park: Taman Honda Tebet, Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Event PADJAK #11. Performance Art di Jakarta is a Performance Art event in public places around Jakarta. Performers turn up and improvise. My performance from the colour bleed series was a work with plastic bottles lined up on a 40 metre long white cloth. Each bottle contained water and under each bottle was a plastic bag. I went along the row and added a few drops of liquid food dye to each bottle. After completing the row I returned and poured the colour water from the bottle into the bag and threw the bag into the air, creating a momentary suspended fluid sculpture followed by a splash of colour onto the cloth.

Project Details
Dates 01 Aug 2017
Duration 40 minutes
Producer PADJAK / Kelvin Atmadibrata
Category solo
Credits Curator : Kelvin Atmadibrata & Aziz Amri ; Photos: Aziz Amri