Suspect Installation 2016

10 Dec 2016 : Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia

Suspect was a video installation made and exhibited in the basement of Articulate. The event was the annual end of year group exhibition, this year titled Articulate Turns Six: What Next?. The image for Suspect was found in adetective novel where a naked black man is discovered by flashlight in a basement surrounded by shoes. For this work I refelect on The Holocaust and other atrocities, whether this character is the victim or the perpetrator discovered remains indeterminate. The naked performer in the image is surrounded by a circle of shoes which extend in real space as real shoes onto the floor in front oif him. He continually gulps and blinks, in guilt or in fearful apprehension.

Project Details
Dates 10 Dec 2016 to 26 Dec 2016
Duration 10 minute looped video
Collaborators Mike Leggett
Category installations
Credits Mike Leggett: video installation and documentation; Photos : Mike Leggett & David Brazil