Evaporative Body Multiplying Body KCA 2022

23 Jun 2022 : Dance House, Melbourne and Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia

“In Evaporative Body / Multiplying Body, Alan Schacher and WeiZen Ho inhabit shifting spaces through refracted and dissolving visual fields. Traversing flickering boundaries of tremulous bodily states, their arena is one of suspended belief, where pretense and manifestation collide. Fausto Brusamolino’s generative visuals and the sonic depths created by noise artist Hirofumi Uchino’s audioscapes invoke the improbable to manifest.”

We were commissioned by The Keir Choreographic Award through Dancehouse to develop and present a 20 minute version of our project Evaporative Body / Multiplying Body to audiences in both Melbourne, at Dancehouse, and in Sydney, at Carriageworks. Working with a long sheet of mirror film we attempted to create a total choreography of space, light and the elements of body and sound. Fausto Brusamolino’s generative visuals responded to the movement of the reflective material and our bodies and Hirofumi Uchino’s live sound followed intercepted and bounced from the material itself. Inspired by ritual performances we have witnessed we wanted to acknowledge all elements as equal including the particular potency of material matter. The shifting form of our performance was the choreography.

The project was initaited in a short research development in 2018 supported by Critical Path Choreographic Research Centre and undertaken at The University of NSW. We want to acknowledge media artist Mike Leggett’s participation in that stage of the process.

This was a fantastic opportunity to develop a work with full support. The award offered development time, space, technical equipment support, fees and travel and accommodation. We were one of 8 teams of artists separated into 2 groups of 4 for touring purposes and we performed 4 times in each venue both Melbourne and Sydney. The Award is indeed a competition and there was a significant Judges’ cash prize plus a generous audience award cash prize to be won. The KCA 2022 Jury were Daniel Riley (Australia), Eko Suprianto (Indonesia), Laurie Uprichard (Ireland), Lemi Ponifasio (New Zealand) , Nanako Nakajima (Japan).

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Project Details
Dates 23 Jun 2022 to 02 Jul 2022
Duration 20 minutes
Collaborators Alan Schacher, WeiZen Ho, Fausto Brusamolino, Hirofumi Uchino
Producer Keir Choreographic Award 2022 and Dance House, Melbourne.
Category duets

Performer and Choreographer: Alan Schacher Performer and Choreographer: WeiZen Ho Collaborator, Sound Artist, Performer : Hirofumi Uchino Collaborator, Video Artist, Lighting Designer : Fausto Brusamolino Live Visuals Operator : Alex Torney Lighting Designer for the KCA : Adelaide Harney Photography : Gregory Lorenzutti Video Melbourne : Dance House / CobieO Video Sydney : Sam James

Evaporative Body / Multiplying Body has been supported by Blacktown Arts Centre (Sydney), the Centre for Projection Art (Melbourne) and Pillar Products Pty Ltd.