Speaking With Your Mouth Full 2019

14 Mar 2019 : Green Square Library, Zetland, Sydney, Australia

Presented for Art Month and March Dance as part of the Waterloo-Green Square precinct night. The event brought together performing artists and musicians who led a journey through the library, examining the book as device, language as a medium for conveying musicality, and reading as a choral communion. The artists led the audience through the extensive library premises and grounds, including an amphitheatre, a garden courtyard, several reading room areas, and a music room. The artists worked and improvised with books to produce sound and activate space and body. In the final scene artists and audience ate sticky rice mochi whilst reading aloud from random texts, then adding their book to pile up a burial of Alan.

Project Details
Dates 14 Mar 2019
Duration 2 hours
Collaborators Artists: Jim Denley : wind instruments Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi : double bass WeiZen Ho : performer Linda Luke : performer/ dancer Phillippa Murphy-Haste : clarinets and viola Alan Schacher : performer Hirofumi Uchino (Defektro) : handmade instruments and electronics
Producer City of Sydney
Category ensemble
Credits Producer for City of Sydney: Teik-Kim Pok ; Documentation: Photo: Vsevolod Vlaskine; Video: Gary Warner & Bárbara Guzmán Galeb; Video edit: Gary Warner