Platform 3 2011

27 Aug 2011 : Fraser Studios, 10-14 Kensington Street, Chippendale, Sydney, NSW Australia

An untitled work, an alchemical, monk-like, transforming and mutating performance perhaps about oil and disenfranchised peasants (if only because of the oil funnel props employed). For me the imagery contained pathos, tragedy and biblical references.This performance was the precursor for the first of my Share My Coffin series as performed at The Arts Island Festival in Bali and East Java, Indonesia in 2014. Audience interpretations were that the performance was about a poor peasant muslim woman searching for oil, as a political statement. With eternal images of peasant women or of nuns or the everyman from some other time and some other place and of flesh and coverings. A sense of searching and a feeling of futility, the morphing play with the oil funnels becoming animal, man, clown. The song lyrics include: “I am a poor man, maybe it’s God’s will, you can cross the oceans but you’ll never find anyone like me”. Fraser Studios was a temporary venue managed by BrandX for The City of Sydney. It is now on the site of of Central Park, Sydney.

Project Details
Dates 27 Aug 2011
Duration 20 minutes
Producer The Weather Exchange, deQuincey Co
Category solo

Linda Luke : Curator’s notes: PLATFORM 3 grew out of my desire to mix it up a bit… and so I invited performers Alan Schacher, Narelle Benjamin, musician Vic McEwan, photographer Mayu Kanamori, and video artist Elena Knox. I then invited several performers who’ve trained regularly with us and we’ve been in a process over the past month to create short solo works. They are Kirsty Kiloh, Lian Loke, Cleo Mees, and Gideon Payten-Griffiths.

Music: Ana Guellile Dub from the album Mraya (1995) by Algerian Rai singer Abdel Ali Slimani/ Lighting : Emma Lockhart-Wilson/ Photos: Mayu Kanamori