Fadeout 1994

14 Sep 1994 : Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington, Sydney, Australia

Part of the series Temporary Hoardings, Fadeout was one of the final works in the galleries before renovation. For this work I collected pine needles from nearby Centennial Park and demolition timbers from Paddington Town Hall. Fadeout referred to the changes that were going to occur in the renovations, especially the removal of the casurina trees in the courtyard. The work comprised several elements: 1/ In the gallery the work comprised a durational drawing action in charcoal in a room of which I had covered the floor in pine needles. In this room I drew pine needles in charcoal up and around the walls from floor to ceiling. 2/ On the street facade window ledge I placed salt, and made salt body imprints on the glass. 3/ In the courtyard I drew graphite body silhouettes as shadows between the casurina trees. 4/ In the courtyard I placed a large amount of found timbers as if for a fire. On the Saturday Richard Ratajczak performed here on double bass.

Project Details
Dates 14 Sep 1994 to 17 Sep 1994
Duration 4 days
Category installations
Credits Double Bass performance by Richard Ratajczak. Curator Deborah Ely. Body silhouettes in the courtyard made with Ari Ehrlich. Charcoal purchase assisted by the UNSW College of Fine Arts Students' Association. Photographs by Heidrun Löhr.