In the House of Skin by Gravity Feed 1996

16 Mar 1996 : The Performance Space, 199 Cleveland Street, Redfern, Sydney, Australia

At The Performance Space, whose corridoors and passages open onto acts, the brooding gravity of the situation will unfold, across the loaded void between performer and audience. GRAVITY FEED disects the multi-layered abodes and enclosures which shield, sheave and shelter this theatrical congress. In the house of skin, facing the imponderable consequences of their actions, they will struggle for dominance under the insistent presence of a “city” of doors, inanimate objects which seem to wrestle the living bodies, threatening, demanding life itself.


Five men will appear in the house of skin to confront a city of inanimate objects. There, where time is cyclical and immaterial, the gravity of the situation will become apparent. Under the insistent presence of many doors, man and matter will struggle for dominance. Doors will wrestle with the living performers’ bodies, threatening flesh and bone and ultimately demanding breath and life itself. Facing the imponderable consequences of their actions, the guilty will be made to stand before the door and offer up their testimonies. The House of Skin is immanent, a multi-layered facia, it is the many enclosures and barriers which define, protect, restrict and limit the house in which each resident is compelled to live out their days, the body. This Theatre is thus properly, a “congress of bodies”.

Project Details
Dates 16 Mar 1996 to 31 Mar 1996
Duration 1 hour
Category ensemble
Credits Photos: Heidrun Löhr