OMEN-AMEN by Gravity Feed 1996

27 Sep 1996 : Addison Road Community Centre , Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

OMEN-AMEN was an outdoor site-specific performance specially created for CPW6. It portends a doom, a prophecy from the skies. At Addison Road Centre there are constant air flights overhead. The title comes from the public toilet block around which the performance takes place: signed WOMEN and MEN. The performance starts with a “floating head” scene on the roof of this block. Schacher jumps across from the theatre roof. The performers emerge from behind the theatre building bearing aloft long steel rods. An archer on the roof sends flaming arrows down to targets. A trolley arrives bearing a huge block of smoking blue-lit ice. The performance image using the reo rod was a creation of Min Tanaka.

Project Details
Dates 27 Sep 1996
Duration 30 mintes
Collaborators Devised and performed by: Denis Beaubois, Ari Ehrlich, Tim Rushton, Alan Schacher. Sound composition designed and performed by Rik Rue. Special guest Archer: Jim Larvin, President, Archery Society of NSW.
Producer Sidetrack Theatre, Contemporary Performance Week 6
Category ensemble
Credits Steel donated by Smorgon ARC. Dry Ice courtesy of Jim Larvin in his other hat at CIG Industrial Gases. Concept : Alan Schacher ; Don Mamouney : Sidetrack Theatre and Festival Director ; Photos : Heidrun Lohr ; Video: Peter Oldham