Impro-Exchange 2019

08 Mar 2019 : Glebe Town Hall, Glebe, Sydney

I have participated in several past Impro-Exchange labs (2009, 2010, 2013, 2015). This one was led by my dear friends Peter Fraser & Tess de Quincey. They are a wonderful development and connecting resource for experimental movement artists. “IMPRO-EXCHANGE is a process of intensive laboratories and public performances which aims to explore the nature of improvisation between dancers and artists from different backgrounds, ages and traditions. It also aims to generate a forum of dialogue, exchange and discussion around strategies and processes of improvisation – for both participants and audiences. Each lab is intricately structured and has a specific focus (eg energy, motif, space, composition) which links and accumulates the experiences of previous labs.”

Project Details
Dates 08 Mar 2019 to 10 Mar 2019
Duration 3 days lab, 1 hour performance
Collaborators Artists: Stephen Adams, Trevor Brown, Stuart Grant, Leah Grycevicz, Nicola Heywood, Weizen Ho, Bronwen Kamasz, Lisa Maris McDonell, Raynen O’Keefe, Jacqui O’Reilly, Nick Power, Alan Schacher, Anna White.
Producer De Quincey Co.
Category research
Credits Photos: Vsevolod Vlaskine