Unappeased Duet 2 2014

21 Nov 2014 : St Paul's Hill (bukit St Paul) Malacca, Malaysia

In this second vesrion of the Unappeased duet, performed in the same location as in 2013, we were inspired both by having observed the one month long Hungry Ghost Festival in Penang in 2013 , and also having just returned to MapFest afterpresenting the Ensemble version of Unappeased in Penang. In this performance we are using some of the costuming from that performance, the black rooster feather dusters, plus the long heavy chain that is associated with the black-costumed character Jee Pek (second Uncle) from the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Project Details
Dates 21 Nov 2014 to 23 Nov 2014
Duration 20 minutes
Collaborators WeiZen Ho
Producer Melaka Arts and Performance Festival
Category duets
Credits photos: Ridzuan Rashid