Sweet Separation Newcastle 2022

01 Oct 2022 : Hunter Street, Newcastle, NSW Australia

A performance on a public footpath in Newcastle as part of the street art festival The Little Festival, an umbrella event of The New Annual Festival. In this performance I attempt to construct dividing walls between myself and the public whilst inviting passers-by to participate in the construction. Using my own body weight in Turkish sugar cubes, the performance has underlying political and social implications. This was the 3rd iteration of the durational work which I devised thinking of the bitterness and pain that separation causes people on each side of barricades such as The Berlin Wall, Trump’s USA Mexico Wall and Israel’s Palestine Wall.

Materials: costume (trousers, shirt, bowtie, jacket, straw hat), 64kg Turkish sugar cubes in boxes, plastic stool

Little Festival flier copy

Project Details
Dates 01 Oct 2022
Duration 6 hours
Producer The Little Festival
Category solo

Producer & Curator : Jacinta Fintan / Administrator : Ashleigh Campbell / Producing organisation : The Wall Station

Photos : WeiZen Ho, Alan Schacher, and onlookers

Artists: 085C3N3, Alan Schacher, Andi McGovern, Bridie Watt, Byrd, Camo, Clare O’Hara, Cooks Hill Campus, Crisp, Fergie Stencils, Fiona Lee, Frances Johnston, Goya Torres, Helen Proctor, Houl, Ifritah, Inari, Indo, Jacinta Fintan, Jade Burton, Jen Denzin, Joanne Back, Junky Projects, Karen Farmer, Kate Teal-Spicer, Kay Proudlove, Keob Keob, Kim Siew, Kitty Knitter, Lulu, Michael Pederson, Nancy Dee Sculptures, Natalie Sherring, Neil Mansfield, Nev Sety, Nick Fintan, Noah, Not Quite Newtown, NotNot, Sam Absurd, Shanta, Smartboy Industries, Tinky, Tom ireland, Viki Murray