An Uneasy Piece with Eggs 2017

15 Jul 2017 : Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia

I have made a few works involving eggs, which for me are quirky objects and traditionally a symbol of life. In this new performance I consider my relationship with age, life and culture. Wearing a business suit I broke 64 eggs one by one onto the top of my head over the duration of 1 hour. The performance was staged within a 2 hour curated event of multiple performances. The title refers to being part Asian in feeling, and in cultural adaptation. It is also a direct reference to Singaporean Performance Artist Lee Wen’s Journey of a Yellow Man series, in which he painted himself yellow. The number of eggs was equivalent in number to my age in years, and also in number to my weight in kilograms, thus signifying 64 years of becoming yellow inside. Counting eggs, like counting years, fertility (or declining fertility), a symbol of life and ceremony in many traditions including in my own Jewish culture.

Presented as part of De Quincey Co’s Platform 2017 event on 15th and 16th July 2017. (Note that the video above was taken at a technical rehearsal and I am not wearing the suit costume)


Project Details
Dates 15 Jul 2017 to 16 Jul 2017
Duration 1 hour
Producer De Quincey Co. : (
Category solo
Credits Curator : Tess De Quincey Photos: Vsevolod Vlaskine Video: Samuel James