Black Reamer 2019

19 Oct 2019 : The Stores Building, Old Parramatta Gaol, Parramatta, NSW, Australia

The performance starts as a duet of activities in the same room with WeiZen Ho under the subtitle A Kind of Divination, and then separates into two solos. I continued my initial activity whilst WeiZen, working with red strings, moved around the venue site interacting with the public titled Red Chair, Red Strings. In this performance I tear A4 sheets of black paper into shreds which pile up in a mound on the floor at my feet as a small black mountain. Seated on a child’s chair with a ream (500 sheets) of paper either side, the action could have gone on for several days. The tearing was slow and deliberate, producing a sound. As a participant in this exhibition I thought of the idea of reducing “the black square” to its parts. In partnership, WeiZen Ho concurrently performed A Kind of Divination, starting and ending together in the same room. During her work, dragging lengths of red string, she roved throughout the venue in a squat. The unrealted red wall art is by Richard Dunn. A performance for the opening event of the exhibition The 1st Biennale of International Reductive and Non-Objective Art, held in conjunction with the 5th Biennale of RNOA in Grenoble, France. The relics of both performances remained for the duration of the exhibition.

Project Details
Dates 19 Oct 2019
Duration 2 hours
Collaborators WeiZen Ho
Producer The Stores Building
Category duets

Curator: Dr Billy Gruner / Photos: Vsevolod Vlaskine / The Stores Building is supported by the Deerubbin Local Aboriginal Land Council..