12 Oct 2019 : Stonevilla Studios, Sydenham, Sydney.

For this version of DELTA, in which I employ 300 metres of black crepe paper as a costume, I competed not only with seven other artists but also with the wind! The lightweight fabric-like paper blew everywhere, adding an additional layer of drama. Very dramatic was the outcome: I was the 2019 winner! Stonevilla’s Wearable Art Prize is a fun community event. The funds to stage the event and to offer a cash prize are raised by an annual art sale of works on board all sold at a fixed price of $100. The team at Stonevilla, another ARI, are dedicated and sincere. Stonevilla is supported by the Inner West Council. Check them out on facebook.

Project Details
Dates 12 Oct 2019
Duration 5 minutes
Collaborators Alba Stephen, Lisa Andrew, Trevor Fry, Sarabi Toki, Show Us Your Teeth Collective, Desiree Tahiri, Amelia Skelton, Matthew Gorgula, Aaron McGarry, Alan Schacher
Producer Stonevilla Studios
Category solo
Credits Judge: Mark Titmarsh ; Video documentation : Marcus Phelan ; Photo documentation : Jenni Carter ; Soundtrack by Einstürzende Neubauten.