Hungry Ghost Dybbuk duet 2012

25 Sep 2012 : St Paul's Church, Melaka, Malaysia

A duet with WeiZen Ho developed specifically for the historical church site in Melaka, the walls of which are lined with oversized Dutch tombstones. A curiously unfolding series of traverses and occasional meetings between two mythological creatures: Chinese Hungry Ghost, a wandering unappeased soul; and the Jewish Dybbuk, a possessing spirit believed to be the dislocated soul of a dead person. This we compounded with the Jewish Golem, a servant of the people created from mud and mystical letters. An undercurrent of our parents’ and forebears’ journeys and fears: from the Holocaust of WWII, to the migration from China , Java then across the Malacca Straits, and the possible presence of Jews since the Colonisation of Malaya. We wonder about the ghosts that already haunt our cultural fusion.

Project Details
Dates 25 Sep 2012
Duration 12 minutes
Collaborators WeiZen Ho
Producer Melaka Arts and Performance Festival
Category duets
Credits Images by Rizduan Rasheed. Soundtrack by WeiZen Ho.