Corridor 1992

07 Apr 1992 : Selenium Gallery, Redfern, Sydney

An early work performed soon after I returned from Japan. It was a collaboration with bassist Ryszard Ratajczak, with whom I frequently had improvised. This was the first Gravity Feed work and was subtitled ‘Dances of Uncertainty’ as an interpretation of the way of butoh. We worked in an artist-run space and I purchased a mangy live chicken from the markets. With some care in my garden the chicken, now named Mabel, grew healthy before the performance. I was inspired to use a chicken because I had worked in the 1,000 head chicken houses in Japan on the Bodyweather Farm. Also I had seen a Belgian Theatre troupe perform with live chickens (killing, plucking, cooking and eating one onstage) and I was very impressed (details escape me). Subsequently Mabel went to a good home with Brett Nancarrow’s family. In this performance I attempted the backbends so typical of Min Tanaka’s work. At the time Selenium was managed by Terry Burrows.

Project Details
Dates 07 Apr 1992 to 08 Apr 1992
Duration 20 minutes
Collaborators Richard Ratajczak
Category duets
Credits Ryszard (Richard) Ratajczak: double bass ; photos: Heidrun Löhr ; flier design Alan & Richard ; flier drawings : Alan