Dream Village Performance Art Meeting 2024

05 Jan 2024 : Taixi Beach of Dream & Chen Long Ecological Art Park, Taixi, Taiwan

WeiZen Ho and I arrived from Australia with our two children and travelled the next morning to participate in this intimate event in Taixi, a semi-rural and industrial township in Yunlin County, on the west coast of Taiwan. It is known for its oyster farming to supply oysters for the famous oyster omlette. It unfortunately suffers from industrial pollution issues and land reclamation from the sea has changed the possibility of traditional agriculture. For myself, I arrived without a plan or materials but soon spotted a long bamboo pole on the beach which I worked with for the duration of the event. It was a very windy location which added a kind of physical drama to my actions, struggling against the wind and echoing the wind-powered turnibes beyond. For the second day I did a shorter action, again with a found object, a kind of yellow timber frame which fitted the body well.

Attached are two articles about the project : Taixi Village Dream articles

Project Details
Dates 05 Jan 2024 to 06 Jan 2024
Duration 2 hours / both days
Producer Cai Qing and Ding Liqi (curators, organisers)
Category ensemble

Organisers/ curators: Cai Qing and Ding Liqi (Liping Ting). Participating artists writers and collaborators included: Cai Qing, Ding Liping Ting, Liu Yusheng and member Xu Minshi, curator and performer Ye Yugun, performance art creation and research Chen Guanqi (Kuan-Ying Chen) , Nick Kan (Gansujia), performance art creator Gan Yaocia, Australian performance artists WeiZen Ho and Alan Schacher, art critic Chen Jinwan, video director Chen Yijun, Huang Zhibu, bracelet performing Chen Yipei, poet and theater director Lang Ailing. Special thanks to Liping Ting and her Mother for hosting us and feeding us exceptionally well in their home !

Photos by Zvi Ho-Schacher, Kuan-Ying Chen, Lang Yaling, and others.

Video by Leo Huang.