Share My Coffin MAPFest 2017

24 Nov 2017 : St Paul's Church, Bukit St Paul, Melaka, Malaysia

This is not my resting place. In this black comedic work, I carry my coffin, seeking friends to share my loneliness inside it. Climbing in and jumping out, I am not ready to die ! I have unfinished business ! Share My Coffin for Melaka Arts and Performance Festival, was performed alongside the 400 year old Dutch and Portuguese tombstones that line the walls of the roofless St. Paul’s Church. I built this timber crate myself, which was similar to the box I used for the first iteration in Indonesia in 2013. This work is a meditation on one’s own imminent demise. I imagine that most of us will not be ready for or prepared to accept death when it comes, and of course it can come unexpectedly. We come into this world alone and we leave it alone, so the saying goes. In Share My Coffin I portray a man who knows he must die but argues in gibbersih and gesture with God and with the people gathered there as audience that he is not ready to die, and really wants some company in his coffin. The work is performed with a juxtaposing upbeat dub soundtrack Ana Guellile Dub, by Abdel Ali Slimani, an Algerian Rai singer.

Project Details
Dates 24 Nov 2017
Duration 10 minutes
Producer Melaka Arts and Performance Festival
Category solo
Credits Photographs : Steve Chong , Aziz Amri