I Saw You by Gravity Feed 1992

13 Jun 1992 : Palmer Street Uniting Church, East Sydney, NSW, Australia

One of the very first Gravity Feed performnaces, this work was greatly influenced by the performance by Dutch Theatre Company Bewth whose work I had witnessed in the Oude Kirk in Amsterdam almost ten years earlier. I attempted to create the images of ghostings, the idea of walking through walls, of the body being immaterial, with lighting and water sprinklers as ‘rainfall’ installed on the windows outside, casting long shadows inside the buidling. Working with Louis Burdett was an exciting addition to the soundscape. The poster image was created by me in a drawing class at East Sydney Technical College, a direct copy of a the photo “Two Guerdas, Gouulimine, Morocco” (1971) by Irving Penn. The image spoke to me of the unknown other, were the veiled women prisoners, accused or witnesses? In fact are they even women under these coverings? So the suggestion that whilst you saw something , but what did you really see? It was a period when I didn’t have funds and access to documentation so these images are just in rehersal . Dance critic Jill Sykes attended the performance but was unable to review it

Project Details
Dates 13 Jun 1992 to 14 Jun 1992
Duration 1 hour
Collaborators Louis Burdett, Ari Erlich, Ryszard Ratajczak, Alan Schacher
Producer Alan Schacher
Category ensemble

Concept, set design, choreography & performance : Alan Schacher / performance : Ari Ehrlich / Double Bass : Ryszard Ratajczak / Drumkit : Loius Burdett