Performature - Performateur 2019

30 Mar 2019 : Articulate Project Space, Leichhardt, Sydney

A collective of installation, sound and performing artists in a residency to explore ways of extending their visual and performance boundaries spatially and conceptually. In this process they considered reformulating the language/vocabulary that has been built up around their practices over time. The provocation was to identify and play with the concept of “performature and performateur”, investigating how those terms could shift their approach towards performance-devising. This project was initiated and led by WeiZen Ho.

Project Details
Dates 30 Mar 2019 to 31 Mar 2019
Duration 2 hours, 2 performances
Collaborators Concept: WeiZen Ho; installation artists: Sue Callanan, Margaret Roberts, Kirtika Kain; performance artists: Stella Chen, Ryuichi Fujimura, Nicola Heywood, WeiZen Ho, Alan Schacher, Phillip Mills; Musicians: Laura Altman, Romy Caen, Phillipa Murphy-Haste, Melanie Herbert, Peter Farrar, Melanie Eden, Luiz Gabriel Gubeissi, Rhys Mottley; film artist: Hina Mir; product design student: Oliver Damian. Assisted by Madeline Menca and Sarah Keigher
Producer WeiZen Ho and Articulate Project Space
Category ensemble
Credits Photos :Marie Ngai-King, Iris Lyu