Performature Performateur 4 2022

29 Oct 2022 : 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, 181-187 Hay Street, Haymarket, Sydney

Part of the 4a/24 programme for Art in the Heart of Haymarket, Performature Performateur was the 4th iteration of WeiZen Ho’s concept for structured improvisatory performances, throughout public sites in Haymarket (Sydney Chinatown) and inside the former Haymarket Public Library soon to become the Museum of Chinese Australia (MOCA). The six performer-collaborators rehearsed the improvisational structures in situ together with the musicians. WeiZen, Phillip and Ryuichi and I also shopped for the assorted props in Cabramatta. The ‘bewilderers’ participated in an unrehearsed fashion although they had witnessed some of the rehearsals. My role was both as a performer and as a time-keeper and structure-keeper. The structured improvisations were developed in the form of physical and sound-object compositions of solos, duets, trios and groups, themed around materials that hold memories and accompanying actions. The objects used evoked a sense of ruminescence for each performer. For more images visit :

Project Details
Dates 29 Oct 2022
Duration 5 hours
Collaborators Concept and direction : WeiZen Ho / The Collective: performer-collaborators : Oliver Damian, Emily Eather, Peter Farrar (musician) , Ryuichi Fujimura, WeiZen Ho, Phillip Mills, Juliet Sato with guest 'bewilderers' Sue Callanan, Lian Loke, Laura Altman (musician) , Margaret Roberts, Alan Schacher.
Producer 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney
Category ensemble

Event Producer for 4a’s Art in the Heart of Haymarket : Harley Stumm / Photos by Karlina Mitchell, Marie Ngai-King, Sue Callanan.