Extraction Action 2023

06 May 2023 : Articulate Project Space, Sydney, Australia

A contribution to the group show: Together or otherwise a (part)

This work was created with colour extracted (drawn out) from crepe paper by wetting and squeezing it and allowing the liquids to run. The background is a field of marks in charcoal and graphite radiating outwards from the centre. I exhibit the sun-dried residual paper pulp as crepe paper blobs on the floor. Suspended paper mache sticks were made by hand sqeezing wet streamers. This is a process action drawing executed quickly by mark-making, pressing, dripping, splashing and running the liquid onto watercolour paper. In creating the work there is fixing, fastening, detaching, separation of the colour pigment from the medium in which it is bound. I work both on the horizontal and vertical planes to accomplish this. The work on paper and its source are kept in close proximity, thus responding to the exhibition theme: together yet apart.

Medium: process action drawing - installation / Materials: watercolour paper, charcoal, graphite, pigment extracted from crepe paper, water, paper mache blobs and sticks, timber dowel / Dimensions : wall-mounted 6 sheets total size 200cm wide x 210cm high x 150cm on floor / 14 paper mache sticks suspended, paper mache blobs on floor

Exhibition theme: ‘At the core of the human condition is the desire, want, basic need to connect. To another person, an idea, a place, an event or situation. To connect, however, is often far from a simple undertaking, often fraught and complex. This has been no more obvious than in the last few years when connecting or otherwise, has been for many of us radically redefined and considered. Together or otherwise a(part) asks participants and audiences to consider the complex nature of making connection.’

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Project Details
Dates 06 May 2023 to 21 May 2023
Duration 2 weeks
Producer Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains
Category installations

A group show by members of MAPBM (Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains)

Curator: Diana Robson

Participating artists: featuring the work of 18 MAPBM member artists: Alan Schacher, Beata Geyer, Cinzia Cremona, Chia Moan, Fiona Davies, Janet Saunders, Jo Rankine, Jody Graham, Julie Paterson, Linda Adair, Margarita Sampson, M Bozzec, Patricia Abela, Rhonda Dee, Ro Murray, Susan Andrews, Tess Rapa and Tom Isaacs.

Photos: Alan Schacher