Rain On My Parade 2021

27 Feb 2021 : WAYOUT Artspace, an Artist Run Initiative in regional NSW managed by Cementa Inc.

This performance was presented as a performance/action at the opening of the exhibition BLUE TOO. Starting with the concept of a funeral procession with a black-draped cart, I progressed to create a work on paper which is exhibited in the exhibition. By splashing water onto the black crepe paper, I caused it to drip and bleed its colour onto prepared white watercolour paper on the ground beneath.
By moving the frame over the paper I executed a calligraphic action, using the wheels, dragging and dripping paper, and by hand-squeezing water-based pigment out. The bleeding crepe paper transformed to shibori-like (tie-dye) patterning, acquiring a blue hue. This was the contribution to the theme “Blue Too”. On the ground the ink-like bleeding black stain of splashes, drips and runs faded to an abstract grey wash, a landscape, a response to the environment and a record of the action itself.

Indeed the title refers to a challenge to the elements. Had it rained heavily all the paper would have become wet and the objective of the calligraphic action would not have been possible. Both the blue-black stained paper and the resultant action painting (12 of 20 panels) were exhibited for the duration of the exhibition.

Materials: red steel marquee frame, black crepe paper, water, bucket & scoop, white watercolour paper, performance action, costume (suit, blue shirt, black shoes and hat). Dimensions variable : marquee 1.8m x 1.8m x 1.6m, work on paper 3.0m x 3.0m (20 panels)

This work draws on methods and materials of my past performances: The steel marquee frame was created for the performance UNAPPEASED by G.R.I. (Alan Schacher, WeiZen Ho & collaborators (Penang & Albury 2014-15). Black crepe paper was employed for the performance series DELTA (2018-19). In the COLOUR BLEED performances (Melaka & Chengdu 2015-18) I wore bags of coloured water which were punctured by the audience as I walked on a long fabric strip.

Project Details
Dates 27 Feb 2021
Duration 30 minutes
Collaborators A group exhibition with members of MAPBM. Dates 27 February to 11 April 2021.
Producer MAPBM (Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains)
Category solo
Credits Curator : Beata Geyer ; Concept and performance : Alan Schacher ; Video documentation & edit : Samuel James ; Photographer : David Brazil