Collabathon 2018

24 Feb 2018 : AIRspace Projects, 10 Junction Street, Marrickville, Sydney, NSW Australia

For the first of base-metal’s monthly In Between Programs at AIRspace, I was sharing the venue with Julie Vulcan and WeiZen Ho. Collabathon was a 5 hour event in which I improvised with a sequence of artists who responded to my callout. Each artist brought a material, object, images or sounds as provocations. I collaborated with each artist in succession for 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Gary Warner : box of noise & bluetooth speakers, Kraig Grady : shadow puppets & homemade percussion instruments, Hirofumi Uchino : metal sound and sampler, Ryuichi Fujimura : flashlights, Sue Callanan : artist made megaphones and megaphone teacups, Rebecca Cunningham : roses.

Project Details
Dates 24 Feb 2018
Duration 5 hours
Producer base-metal
Category duets
Credits base-metal, Sue Callanan, Rebecca Cunningham, Ryuichi Fujimura, Kraig Grady, Hirofumi Uchino, Gary Warner Photographs : Gary Warner, Margaret Bradley