Critical Path Workshops 2005

13 Feb 2005 : Critical Path, The Drill Hall, Sydney, Australia

In 2005, before departing for China on an Asialink Residency, I particiapted in several group workshops organised by Critical Path and its then Director Sophie Travers.
Firstly a one day Masterclass with Choreographer Dancer Akram Khan (February 13th) . Following were two workshops led by English duos with whse work I was not familar . “On the Scent” with the company Curious Performance was led by Helen Paris and Leslie Hill (February 14-17) . Following was a workshop with the company Lone Twin led by Gregg Whelan and Gary Winters (April 18-19) . I don’t have much documentation about these events but they were great opportunities and initiatives offered to artists by Critical Path, Sydney’s Choreographic Research Centre. I’m so grateful for those experiences! I’m posting here these images of my Tumeric Square from one of the Curious workshop exercises, a work with which I am particularly pleased. Inspired by the German artist Wolfgang Laib, the square occupied a ‘non space’ or non place (Marc Augé) an area under the stairs not used and inaccessible. The vibrant spice pigment highlighted this area in a way that performance could not have easily accomplished.

As these were earlier projects they pre-date Critical Path’s online archive. The workshops helped establish and reinforce peer networks in Sydney amongst Independent Dance and Performance practitioners.

Some articles in RealTime from the day:

Sophie Travers interviewed: / Lone Twin at Melbourne Festival: / Curious in Sydney :

Project Details
Dates 13 Feb 2005 to 19 Apr 2005
Duration 7 days total
Producer Critical Path
Category research