Critical Light Pathways I 2010

20 Sep 2010 : The Drill Hall, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney, Australia

Here we explored retinal effects and perception, of space, time, day and night through an encounter with The Drill Hall and its surrounding environment. In stage one of this 2-part project I worked with Mike Leggett. We installed tracing paper in the windows to use as projection surfaces at dusk, which fell at around 7pm. Even the upper windows were covered to give a constant quality of light coming from the building. For this stage we videoed passers-by and traffic through the window and Mike overlayed the images in post-production. We also videoed the action of opening and closing the windows to be projected again onto the window, which in turn could be opened and closed in real-time. The tracing paper screens allowed a live silhouette to be cast as well as holding a projected image (including that of a silhouette). You can see in the video that the effects were quite confusing and cinematic.

Project Details
Dates 20 Sep 2010 to 02 Oct 2010
Duration 2 weeks
Collaborators Mike Leggett : media artist & film-maker
Producer Critical Path Choreographic Research Centre
Category research
Credits Performers: Phillip Mills & Alan Schacher ; photos : Mike Legget & Alan Schacher ; video : Mike Leggett ; video documentation edit : Sean Bacon