Clearing Ground at UT#5 2011

22 Apr 2011 : Padepokan Lemah Putih, Solo, Indonesia

This International event incorporated PAL (Performance Art Laboratory) and Undisclosed Territory Festival. The Lab was fantastically led by Boris Nieslony but also shared by the artists. I performed two different site-specific works. Originally untitled, I call the first Cleariing the Grave. I found a space of stones which I imgained as a grave site for myself which I would prepare. Incredibally I later discovered it had been constructed as a training space for Suprapto Suryodarmo, dancer and founder of the venue. In the performance I filled a plastic bag with my western clothes and filled th bag with my breath and with grass plucked from the site. When I performed it rained, and as I left the site a great thunder clapped and rolled, really evoking the spirits I had invoked! The second work, untitled and durational, I now call it Poles and Piers. In this work I inhabited the space of a bamboo grove and some brick foundations. I wore a muddied hooded raincoat and carried a freshly cut bamboo pole.

Project Details
Dates 22 Apr 2011 to 01 May 2011
Duration 30 mins - 3 hours
Producer Undisclosed Territory #5 Performance Arts Festival
Category solo
Credits Curator : Melati Suryodormo ;