SheetWork by Gravity Feed 1997

01 Jan 1997 : Granville Railway Station, Sydney, Australia

Gravity Feed appear on the video from 21min 17sec.

1997’s TrackWork by Urban Theatre Projects (then Death Defying Theatre) took audiences on a multi-stop train journey departing Sydney Redfern Station. TrackWork was co-directed by John Baylis and Fiona Winning with the idea conceived by Monica Barone. Gravity Feed performed on Granville Railway Station Platform. We worked with white bedsheets based on some of the choreography we had developed for “Stool Pigeons”, mainly folding the sheets, throwing tem outwards, and tumbling them very fast. Audiences travelled by train to different performance sites along the route on the six Western Sydney railway station platforms like this one but also inside the carriages.Performances were simultaneous as you can see in the video excerpt. It was a major undertaking for the UTP team.

Project Details
Dates 01 Jan 1997
Duration 15 minutes
Collaborators Gravity Feed performers: Denis Beaubois, Ari Ehrlich, Tim Rushton, Alan Schacher, Jeff Stein, plus David Williams
Producer Urban Theatre Projects
Category ensemble
Credits Video editing and camera work by Ronnie Moraldo & 'Bob' with sound production by Eugene Van Erven and Art Resistance.