Sound Bites #21 2015

05 Sep 2015 : Hotel Blue, Attic Studio, Katoomba, NSW, Australia

An improvised sound and movement event in the Sound Bites series. In this work I introduced books as my medium. Books were used to construct, to create a floor surface, to make sound in various ways, and as a group sound-reading piece.

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Project Details
Dates 05 Sep 2015
Duration 2 hours
Producer WeiZen Ho
Category ensemble
Credits Alex Salter aka Grey Area (analogue synth) ; Henrietta Baird (dance) ; Marc Bour (objects) ; Jim Denley (saxophone) ; Shota Matsumura (trumpet) ; Laurence Williamson (guitar) ; Axel Powrie (flute) ; Alan Schacher (books) ; WeiZen Ho (objects, body)