Share My Coffin 2013

01 Jul 2013 : Batu Belah Artspace, Klungkung, Bali; Old Market site, Kediri , East Java; Gedung Kesenian Batu, Batu City, East Java

This work was performed at 3 locations for the Arts Island Festival as we travelled from Bali to East Java, Indonesia. Each outdoor location made the performance quite different in response to the conditions and audience. It became a changing, somewhat comedic and over-dramatised performance in which I carried my own coffin, looking for resting place, or looking for a reprieve from my “use by date “. Pleading and arguing to the heavens, to the audience…

Project Details
Dates 01 Jul 2013
Duration 20 minutes
Producer The Arts Island Festival, Director Agung Gunawan
Category solo
Credits Festival Director: Agung Gunawan;