Ceremonial Performance, Cowra 2014

09 Mar 2014 : Japanese War Cemetery, Cowra NSW Australia

A group ceremonial performance developed in a workshop with local high school students and a local Japanese traditional musician for the Cowra Civilian Internee Arts Project.

Japanese War Cemetery, Cowra, NSW, Australia.

Cowra Ceremony Flyer thumbnail

Video documentation: https://youtu.be/38rjafIV_1M

Project Details
Dates 09 Mar 2014
Duration 30 minutes
Collaborators Artists: Weizen Ho, Alan Schacher, Shigeki Sano, Ria Soemardjo, Bianca Reggio, Lauren Townsend; Cowra Youth Arts.
Producer Mayu Kanamori / Nikkei Australia / Cowra Civilian Internee Arts Project
Category ensemble
Credits Video: David Hansen with Jack Warren; Production: Mayu Kanamori ; Photos Mayu Kanamori