Behemoth Wearable Art Prize 2017

03 Jun 2017 : Stonevilla Studios, 19 Railway Road, Sydenham, Sydney, NSW, Australia

It was a windy day in Sydenham. For the Wearable Art Prize I wore the newspaper cape made and worn for the performance Behemoth as a curated artist in Cementa Festival 2015 at Kandos NSW. Trousers, shirt, coat and hat, plus a wheelbarrow and newspapers and books, from which I read selected paragraphs aloud. For Behemoth I created an Eliotesque figure, a prophetic itinerant inhabitant. An emperor of reveries, hoarding a forgotten archive, trailing an elegant debris of irrelevant articles. I did not win the competition.

Behemoth poster 2017 01

Project Details
Dates 03 Jun 2017
Duration 15 minutes
Producer Stonevilla Studios
Category solo
Credits Photos & video: Nick Kreisler